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The Power of Learning Guitar

Learning to play the guitar is a healthy, empowering experience. Once learnt, it's a skill for life. And it's yours! Nobody can take it away.


All the world can go mad, but your musical journey belongs to you. Forever.

It's also becoming increasingly difficult for young people to express themselves in healthy ways. The guitar helps us to discover and love who we are at any stage in life.

Some of my students are young, exploring music for the first time. Some are retired, looking to brush up their skills. And some are parents, and their guitar lesson is their time for them. 

The right time to learn is whenever you want to start.


Learning to put a song together and play it on your guitar is a therapy that can change the course of your life, as many a guitarist will attest.

So, it is my absolute privilege to facilitate this experience for my students.

As my first guitar teacher said to me "I don't teach people how to play guitar, I teach them how to teach themselves". This has become my mantra also.

My approach is to teach and inspire you to take control of your own learning experience so that you can continue to learn for the rest of your life.

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In case you're not thoroughly sick of me after scanning the rest of my website, here's some info about me, my experience and qualifications.

  • I've been playing the guitar for over 20 years. 

  • I'm a competent song writer with 20+ years writing experience.

  • In 2017 I studied music and graduated with a Diploma of Music Industry.

  • In 2018 I released my debut album Everything's a Rhythm.

  • I worked with children as an inclusion support worker in child care centres. My role was to help children with special needs integrate into the child care setting.

  • I am a qualified childcare worker with a WWCC, police check and have training and experience with special needs children.

  • I went on to teach special needs children from ages 2 to 16 in a music school as a guitar and vocal teacher.

  • I've done lots and lots of gigs, played with a band, released about 3 singles and have a fair knowledge of the Australian music industry and business in general.

  • I'm a mum and wife to a very talented teacher and sound engineer who may give you lessons in audio engineering if you ask nicely :) 

About Emily

About Guitar Lessons with Emily

Styles I teach:

  • Pop

  • Rock

  • Blues

  • Jazz

  • Funk

  • Reggae

  • Country

  • Folk

Theory I teach:​

  • Ear training/ aural theory

  • Written theory

  • Guitar mainteneance

Areas of specialisation:​

  • Hybrid picking

  • Song writing

  • Lyric writing

Types of guitar I teach:​

  • Electric

  • Acoustic

  • 12 string guitar

My goal as a teacher is to help you meet your goals as a guitarist and musician.

For this reason, I don't do traditional gradings as they are often designed to meet the needs of the teacher and not the student.

But, we will learn theory at a pace that works for you so that you don't grow into an incompetent musician with limited knowledge and abilites.

Guitar Lesson Prices and Logistical info

Lesson prices are:

$30 for a half hour lesson +GST

$50 for a one hour lesson +GST

Group lessons are an extra $10 per student if all students are of an age where they can learn at a similar pace.

All lessons are held in The Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury Heights, NSW. 

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