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Music Lessons for Children
Blue Mountains and Western Sydney

Cost of a half-hour lesson: $30.00+ GST

Cost of an hour lesson: $50.00+ GST

When: Contact me to book in a day and time

Where: All lessons are held at our studio in Hawkesbury Heights

Teaching music to children requires a totally different approach to teaching teenagers and adults. This approach must align with their physical, mental and emotional stage of development


At what age can my child start guitar lessons with Emily?


I recommend that if your child is under the age of 5 you look into group music lessons for children of this age. I don’t currently run these sorts of lessons but there are some wonderful Kinder Music providers and other group music lessons in The Blue Mountains and Sydney area that cater specifically to children of this age.


Having said that…I do, very rarely, take on a very young student if they insist on wanting to learn to play the guitar. We are all different and occasionally a very young child will be adamant that they will learn the guitar


These lessons need to be entered into as a sort of ‘testing of the waters’. After a month or so we can reassess based on how the child is responding to slightly more structured and focused lessons.


My approach to music lessons for children between 5 and 7


The way I like to structure lessons for young children is to make them general music lessons with lots of freedom to move and play. I like to use a variety of percussion instruments and a combination of the guitar, keyboard and our voices.


The goal of these lessons is to learn that music is fun and rewarding while slowly incorporating fundamental musical concepts, symbols and techniques.


These years are very delicate for the budding musician. My goal is to foster a love of music, confidence and self-worth in young students while they learn to make and understand music.


If you’d like more information or to get started with lessons, please get in touch with me either by email or phone :)

Contact Emily

Or, feel free to call/ text me on +61 412 828 901

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