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Private Guitar Lessons
Blue Mountains and Western Sydney

Cost of a half-hour lesson: $30.00+ GST

Cost of an hour lesson: $50.00+ GST

When: Contact me to book in a day and time

Where: All lessons are held at our studio in Hawkesbury Heights

What are the benefits of private guitar lessons?


Private guitar lessons are one on one lessons you can have with a guitar teacher as opposed to group lessons. 


The benefit of private lessons is the ability for the lesson to be personalised for exactly what you want and need to learn, when and how you need to learn it. This allows for a lot of freedom and flexibility in what we can cover in your lesson time.

Private music lessons can also be very helpful for high school students who would like extra support with the content they are covering at school.


Anyone of any age or stage of playing can have private lessons. I currently don’t run group lessons for young children (under the age of 10), so if you’re looking for lessons with me for your younger people they will be private lessons.


My approach to private guitar lessons


Finding a teacher that matches the way you learn is one of the most important parts of learning anything. I very much appreciate that people come to lessons because they want to have a positive and supportive relationship with someone who can guide their learning. 


Being a student can feel like a very vulnerable position to be in so it’s important to me that our lessons are fun and casual. The studio is a free, creative place to explore new things; not a place where you have to be perfect!


I believe that part of learning to play the guitar is learning how to become a good, all-around musician. As well as learning how to play I like to teach my students how to maintain their guitar and gear, how to navigate the basics of the keyboard in relation to the guitar and sometimes even how to play some bass guitar or (very basic) drums


All of my students learn theory. Music reading is optional, though I do encourage students to at least learn the basics of reading. We look at theory as a tool to help us become better players and musicians (otherwise what’s the point?).


Special needs and private guitar lessons


I’ve been fortunate enough to work with people of all ages who have special learning needs (ADHD, ASD, depression, anxiety, speech difficulties/ non-verbal communication, ODD). Please let me know if you or your child have any special needs and I will do my best to tailor your lesson to meet them.


If you’d like more information or to get started with lessons, please get in touch with me either by email or phone :)

Contact Emily

Or, feel free to call/ text me on +61 412 828 901

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