• Emily Rigz

Keep Calm Everyone! We're Going to be OK

Updated: Nov 8, 2020


In the current state of madness unfurling all over the world, I feel like weed is the answer.

Think about it.

Instead of stabbing each other over toilet paper and pasta we could casually contemplate the universe, not abuse the girl at the checkout, laugh until we become paranoid about our laughing.

In fact, there likely wouldn’t be many people at the grocery store, we’d all be at home smashing Uber Eats. You know you can still do that, right? We’re doing it tonight (minus the being high part).

Stock would return to normal while we supported local small businesses.

Everybody wins!

There is no food crisis, there’s just as much food as there was before this shit show began. If there was a food crisis, we wouldn’t be able to casually order pizza or go out for ice cream; two things I’ve done this week.

That is the worst thing about all of this. WHY THE FUCK IS EVERYONE BUYING ALL THE FOOD? It's like calling a plumber because you need your car fixed. Why? For god sake. Whhhhyyyyyy!!!

And then the not so crazy people feel like they have no choice but to be crazy. Only one box of laundry powder left? Have plenty already? Better buy it anyway because who knows, maybe you'll never see another one.

Let’s all just smoke some weed, eat some ice cream or whatever calms your farm. Watch Netflix. Wash your hands. Calm. Yourself.

It’s not a fabulous time to be a musician, especially with a government that despise the arts (not as much as they actually just hate all of us though). The country is still reeling from 18.6 million hectares of it burning down just the other day. Who did we call on to bail us out of that environmental and financial shit show?

The people who get used the most. The people who are now taking quite the hit.

Musicians :)

And now those benefit concerts to help support our fire brigade (because our government hates and refuses to support them also) are being cancelled because of the corona virus.

All my muso friends are having their tours and shows canned, including Neil and myself. Please stay tuned about the Wild Seeds Tour, we are not sure what we will be able to do yet but we will be able to let you know soon.

You know Scott Morrison has announced he is waiving $715 million dollars’ worth of expenses for domestic airlines. The poor airlines…anyway, fuck the musicians.

I guess most people think that being a musician isn’t a real job and that we all work for free anyway because “we love it”. Same as the volunteer fire fighters hey Scomo (wink wink).

It’s so insulting to work in one of the industries most affected by all of this and not even get a thought, let alone a second one.

We don’t matter in the eyes of our government.

I have to say though, while people seem ready to actually ram raid your house for a bottle of hand sanitiser, the underground music community seems to still have each other’s backs. Maybe this is because we have always needed to, regardless of a pandemic taking over the world.

Being a working artist is a perilous challenge on an ordinary day regardless of Armageddon apparently about to bust forth.

Anyway amigos, I just wanted to drop you a line to say hi and I hope you are all ok. All the usual love from me. Please be kind, especially to staff in supermarkets and the like. This isn’t the end of the world.