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Everything's a Rhythm Has a Rebel Chain Smoking Sister On the Way!

Hello beautiful people!

It's about a month until the album is released and I'm feeling such a combination of stuff.

I'm totally excited and feeling so awesome about finally getting my own album done. At the same time, I've been writing some really cool stuff that’s totally evolved out of this experience. I just want to record my next album already because I'm loving the new songs!

Up until now I've been a solo acoustic artist. It's forced me to develop my own style of guitar playing because I always strived to be the whole band on my guitar.

Well now I've got amazing musicians who want to play with me so the game has changed.

My writing has totally...exploded. All of a sudden all of the aggression and energy and emotion I have for life (which is overwhelming sometimes), is coming out in these raw fucking rocking songs! Evolved is not enough of a word, I think "exploded" fits best.

I feel like I've worked my whole life to finally be totally unapologetic, uncensored and unashamedly me in my songwriting, and fuck it feels good!!

So, if you come to the album launch on 15th March I'll be playing some of these new songs, as well as the new album. I don't know if I'm breaking the "album launch rules" but fuck it, I am the captain.

I had a conversation with a friend recently who's a totally fabulous singer! She's one of those trained singers who doesn't need anywhere to hide because her voice is just a force. I was telling her how I feel like I've finally found a style of singing that suits me...and it's kind of just screaming down the mic with all the passion my little heart can muster until I lose my voice.

I know that's totally not what proper singers do, but it's kind of working for me! So, if that gives you the vibe of what's to come...well that's the vibe.

I hope you guys enjoy my uncensored blog.

A lot of the time when I share I get told not to say things, not to "self praise", not to swear so much. So here is your back stage pass, the blog that I can post before I get told that I'm "not benefiting my career by telling the world that I'm so fucking excited about this album’s rebel sister that's already been birthed and is already chain smoking and wagging school".

The End.Love you all ❤

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