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Maybe you have been allured by my captivating blog?

Or maybe my SEO skills led you here via google?

Maybe you're looking for an Australian based music and arts content creator for some website, magazine or blog content?

Well yay!

You have come to the right place.

Music Tech Writing

Technical writing about musical instruments, techniques, software and gear.

Website Copy

Articles, blogs and copywriting.


Keyword happy content and on-site SEO.


Video Editing

Creative cuts, subtitles, YouTube content and video clips to suit any platform.

Social Media

Manage social media campaigns, advertising, content creation and scheduling.

Words for Artist

Biographies and press releases.

The thing is, it's really hard to get your music-related copy to convert if you:

1. Hire a content creator who is not a musician and doesn't understand your audience 

2. Know all about music, but not how to write copy for the web

I am a rare hybrid of copywriter, musician and digital marketer, so I can cover all these bases for you.

I have two diplomas, one in Music Industry and one in Digital Marketing, as well as loads of music industry experience.

Need a savvy, reliable and friendly writer to write you some quick, engaging and SEO friendly copy? Need help with music or video content for your website?

Flick me an e-mail!

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