What actually is this?

During January 2021, I'm giving away my solo album Everything's a Rhythm.

I'm doing this partly to celebrate because we are


*drum roll*


But, I'm also working on building my email list so that I can interact with my fans no matter what


(like, say, when a global pandemic breaks out and we can't rock out at gigs together).


Last year was...weird.

And the separation from live music was, well, shit.

And it got me thinking.


We need a way of staying in touch for 2021 that can't get shut down because of COVID.

So, here we are!


Enjoy your new album and please, let me know what you think!

Love Emily.

my gift to you


I know we've probably never met, but if you like, you can have my solo album for free.

And no, I'm not the kind of gall that gives my music away for free very often.

And no, I'm not giving it away because it's shit and I can't sell it.

I honestly just want you to have it.

Maybe I'm just some random Aussie chick you've never heard of, but still, I'd love to share this album (which was my first) with you!


Discover a new human who makes music. No cost, just honest, non-commercial music :)

OFFER ENDS February 1 2021

So, get on it!